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  • Post treatment things to remember
    Side effects are normal and will heal on their own with proper care refer back to papers given at consultation or text staff with any questions please give 24 hrs for a response however we normally respond within the hour 2. Ice directly after appointment will help minimize side effects
  • Checklist for the first appointment
    Do not shave, tweeze, or trim we need approximately 1.5mm of hair outside of the skin You can buy and apply numbing cream prior to appointment recti care can be applied 1hour before appointment and cover with suran wrap. Staff will remove suran wrap and numbing at the time of appointment 3. Ask any other question you did not ask in your consultation
  • Other information
    1. If anything changes in your medical history, please notify staff and update your initial paperwork. 2. Please notify staff if you use or plan to use retinols, chemical peels, or any other cosmetic/medical procedure or substance prior to treatment. We recommend stopping all retinols 72 hour prior to and after treatment. Chemical peels and all other cosmetic or medical procedures and substances will be discussed on an individual basis. 3. Please cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance 4. Please notify the staff if your birthday falls on a day you have treatment as we would love to celebrate with you by giving you a 10$ birthday discount:)
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